Report from Workshop III


Third workshop of  the project EMPI  were held on 7-8 March 2017 in Serock. Traditionally, the meeting was attended by Polish (National Agency for Energy Conservation) and Norwegian (Norsk Energi) representatives of the project EMPI, representatives from 9 enterprises qualified for the project and energy and ISO auditors.

The participants were divided into three groups according to the branches “Furniture”, “Food” and ” District heating,” with assigned auditors. Such division of participants got together companies with a similar profile what increased the efficiency of the workshops and gave the opportunity to exchange experiences between each other. The workshops was accompanied by presentations prepared by Polish and Norwegian partners of the project.

The meeting ended with knowledge quiz related to energy efficiency and energy management. Last -fourth workshop will be held in early June 2017, the participants will be informed soon.


Plan workshop is available here: Agenda workshop

Below are photos of the third workshop EMPI:

We thank all participants for your presence and commitment.