Criteria for selection of pilot companies

Selection of nine pilot companies within the selected branches will be done in an open and transparent way. All companies in the selected branches will be invited to participate either directly by NAPE or in cooperation with branch organizations. Selection will be based on objective criteria and negotiated binding legal agreements with pilot companies which specify rights and obligations of both parties.

The criteria for selection of pilot companies are:

  1. The pilot companies must belong to the 3 branches district heating, furniture production or food and drinks.
  2. Top management commitment to establish an energy management system is a requirement for participation in the project. This is a flexible requirement in the way that a relatively simple energy management system may be sufficient for small companies, while more extensive energy management systems may be most suitable for larger companies. ISO certification is not a requirement for participation in the project.
  3. The management of the company must be willing to appoint a key person who will cooperate closely with the project team during the project period. The management of the pilot company must also allow the appointed key person to participate in 4 workshops.
  4. The pilot companies must be willing to share their experience on energy management with other companies. The pilot company must allow the project team to publish general information about the pilot company’s energy management system on the project website. It is not a requirement to publish sensitive corporate information.
  5. Participation in the project is free of charge. On the other hand, the pilot companies cannot expect project funding for purchase of equipment or other expenses connected to the establishment of energy management system.

To apply to the project, please:

  • download, complete and return to the following address: survey application, available here: EMPI introductory survey
  • time to return the survey is until 30 of June 2016.
  • from the submitted surveys ther will be selected those with the greatest potential of the effective preparation for implementation of ISO 50001. To choosen ones will be sent to second survey, specifying the aspects of energy and organization.

If you have any questions, please write to: