Norsk Energi are experts in the effective, environmentally friendly and safe use of energy. As a leading expert on thermal energy, we assist both Norwegian and international clients with consulting, engineering, inspection, assessment, technology development and training.

Norsk Energi is first and foremost a consulting company, undertaking over 400 small and large projects each year for private and public clients. However, Norsk Energi is also an association for energy consumers and producers in Norway. Members of the association account for more than 80% of industrial energy consumption in Norway. The association was established in 1916 under the name ‘Norsk Dampkjelforening’ (Norwegian Steam Boiler Association).

The increased awareness of climate change and energy efficiency, has resulted in Norsk Energi’s services being more in demand than ever. The company, therefore, is currently in a period of growth, both in revenues and profits as has a staff of around 75 qualified employees.

Norsk Energi has a head office in Skøyen in Oslo, with regional offices in Bergen and Gjøvik.

Norsk Energi’s company, Norsk Kontroll AS, delivers control services to both public and private clients.




National Energy Conservation Agency (NAPE) was established in 1994 with an aim of popularizing efficient and rational energy usage, above all in the building sector, and the principles of sustainable development.

We specialize in energy consulting, energy auditing and certification of buildings. NAPE is one of the few companies in Poland that elaborate energy performance certificates for complex buildings equipped with advanced technical systems and for public buildings. We train energy auditors, publish textbooks and spreadsheets for the preparation of audits, and issue educational brochures.

NAPE participates in projects co-financed by the European Commission concerned with energy efficiency of buildings, financing modernization of buildings, renewable energy sources implementation, polygeneration, promotion of energy saving, integrated design, and innovative HVAC technologies.

We prepare applications for subsidies from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, European Funds, thermomodernization bonuses from the bank. NAPE is also a verifying consultant for the Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Facility PolSEFF. We also verify projects financed by the European Investment Bank.