Report from IV Workshop

On 8-9 June 2017, the last, fourth workshop under the EMPI project took place in Serock. Similarly to previous meetings, the participants were: the Polish (National Energy Conservation Agency) and Norwegian (Norsk Energi) representatives of the EMPI project, 9 enterprises qualified for the project, as well as energy auditors and ISO auditors.

As at the third workshop, this time the participants were divided into industry groups, ie “furniture”, “food” and “heating companies”. Each of them was composed of representatives of enterprises and auditors cooperating in the preparation of audits of enterprises. During the meeting, each group discussed with each other, sharing with other achieved results, insights and ideas for further action.

During the workshops, apart from the strictly practical part, lectures were also held by both Polish and Norwegian representatives. Thanks to the exchange of views, it was possible to find out how the work in the project works in particular companies, and how more effectively you can support the Energy Management System in enterprises.

We would like to thank all participants for their presence and commitment.